Astro seminar

Winter 2006

The astro seminar is a platform for all researchers in Astrophysics, i.e. grad students, PHD students, instructors, postdocs, professors [did I forget anybody?], to present their work or (as in a journal club) a paper they find interesting.



The seminar starts at 12.00.
Time slots are 30 minutes for the talk, plus 15 minutes for questions and discussion.
Please send me the title of your talk, together with a useful reference (if applicable) at least 8 days ahead of your talk, so I can properly announce it.

Date Speaker                                                                 
Wed 11-Jan 2006 —        
Wed 18-Jan-2006 Jeroen Stil
Exploring the Galapagos. A Tale of Turtles, Penguins, and Sharks.
Ch. Darwin On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, J. Murray, London (1859)
Wed 25-Jan-2006 Maya Paczuski
Avalanches in astrophysical plasmas
Wed 1-Feb-2006 David Hobill
Searching for higher dimensions with gravitational lensing
Wed 8-Feb-2006 Brian Niebergall
Spin Evolution and Magnetic Field Decay of Quark Stars
Wed 15-Feb-2006 Julie Grant
Searching for extragalactic radio sources
Wed 22-Feb-2006 —     [Reading week]  
Wed 1-Mar-2006 Phil Langill
The Latest Discoveries in Astronomy — a review
Wed 8-Mar-2006 Jeroen Stil
The signature of large stellar wind bubbles in polarization images of diffuse Galactic radio emission
Wed 15-Mar-2006 Jean-Pierre De Villiers
Accretion discs embedded in external magnetic fields
Wed 22-Mar-2006 René Plume
Spectral Line Surveys: The Molecular Inventory of Star Formation
Wed 29-Mar-2006 David Gibson
Finding Sites of Massive Star Formation Through Chemical Evolution
Wed 5-Apr-2006 Jan Staff
The early afterglow of of Gamma Ray Bursts
Wed 12-Apr-2006 Rachid Ouyed
Wed 19-Apr-2006 Denis Leahy


Meeting room SB 605D

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To sign up for a talk, contact me at, see me in SB 527B, or call me at 220-6367.

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