CAPCA gathering


The CAPCA meetings start at 12.00 and everybody can bring their lunch.

Time slots are 45 minutes for the talk plus 15 minutes for questions and discussion.
Date Speaker
Fri 14-Jan 2005 Michael Jørgensen
A WENO scheme for relativistic MHD simulations
Fri 21-Jan-2005 Jan Staff
Numerical simulations of the collapsar model
Fri 28-Jan-2005 Laureline Sangalli
Ionosphere-magnetosphere simulation of small-scale structure and dynamics
Fri 04-Feb-2005 Brian Niebergal
Synchrotron nebulae created by anisotropic magnetized pulsar winds
Reference: S. S. Komissarov, S. S. & Y. E. Lyubarsky, MNRAS 349 779—792 (2005)
Fri 11-Feb-2005 Jean-Pierre De Villiers
Stoke's theorem and General Relativistic MHD [WARNING: Explicit technical content]
Fri 18-Feb-2005
Fri 25-Feb-2005
Fri 04-Mar-2005 Jan Staff
Collapsar/Supernova/Gamma-ray-bursts connection
Fri 11-Mar-2005 Rachid Ouyed
Fri 18-Mar-2005
Fri 25-Mar-2005
Fri 01-Apr-2005 Jeroen Stil
Survival time of fast moving clouds in the Galactic disk
Fri 08-Apr-2005 David Knudsen
Stationary Alfvén waves


New meeting room SB 605D

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To sign up for a talk, contact Wolfgang Dobler at, see him in SB 527A, or call him at 220-6059.

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