Astro seminar

Winter 2007

The astro seminar is a platform for all researchers in Astrophysics, i.e. grad students, PHD students, instructors, postdocs, professors [did I forget anybody?], to present their work or (as in a journal club) a paper they find interesting.



The seminar starts at 12.00.
Time slots are 30 minutes for the talk, plus 15 minutes for questions and discussion.
Please send me the title of your talk, together with a useful reference (if applicable) at least 8 days ahead of your talk, so I can properly announce it.

Date Speaker                                                                 
Thu 11-Jan-2007  
Thu 18-Jan-2007 Dennis Leahy
Accretion onto a Quark-Star: A Model for AXPs and SGRs
Thu 25-Jan-2007 Brian Niebergall
Giant radio pulse "echoes" from the Crab Pulsar
Thu 01-Feb-2007 David Hobill
Charged Fluid Spheres in General Relativity
Thu 08-Feb-2007 Tian Wenwu
Supernova remnants and High Energy Gamma-rays
Thu 15-Feb-2007 Wolfgang Dobler
Distributing points evenly on arbitrary domains – how potential theory can actually be useful
D. P. Hardin and E. B. Saff: “Discretizing manifolds via minimum energy points”
(related press release)
Thu 22-Feb-2007 [Reading week]  
Thu 01-Mar-2007 Michael Landry
LIGO status
Thu 08-Mar-2007 Jeroen Stil
Beyond the polarization horizon
Thu 15-Mar-2007 Mathew Kostka
Modeling GX301-2
Thu 22-Mar-2007 Jennifer Marsh
A multishell model for Gamma Ray Bursts
Thu 29-Mar-2007 Nicole Kaiser
An estimate of the spatial density of asteroids interior to the Earth's orbit
Thu 05-Apr-2007 Julie Grant
Image Stacking: Retrieving Signals from the Noise
Richard White, D. Helfand, R. Becker, E. Gilkman, and W. De Vries, “Signals from the Noise: Image Stacking for Quasars in the FIRST Survey”, ApJ, 654:99-114, 2007
Thu 12-Apr-2007 Phil Langill
Remote controlling telescopes and seminar speakers -- a demonstration
Mon 16-Apr-2007 Dominic Schnitzeler
WSRT Faraday tomography of the Galactic Interstellar Medium


Meeting room SB 605D

Sign up

To sign up for a talk, contact Wolfgang Dobler at, see him in SB 527B, or call him at 220-6367.

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