Astro seminar

Winter 2005

The astro seminar is a platform for all researchers in Astrophysics, i.e. grad students, PHD students, instructors, postdocs, professors [did I forget anybody?], to present their work or (as in a journal club) a paper they find interesting.



The seminar starts at 12.00.
Time slots are 30 minutes for the talk, plus 15 minutes for questions and discussion.
Please send me the title of your talk, together with a useful reference (if applicable) at least 8 days ahead of your talk, so I can properly announce it.

Date Speaker
Wed 12-Jan 2005 Wolfgang Dobler
Magnetic field generation in fully convective stars
W. Dobler, M. Stix, & A. Brandenburg
“Magnetic field generation in fully convective rotating spheres”
astro-ph/0410645 (2005)
Wed 19-Jan-2005 Rachid Ouyed
Meissner effect and vortex dynamics in quark stars
R. Ouyed, . Elgary, H. Dahle, & P. Kernen
“Meissner effect and vortex dynamics in quark stars. A model for soft gamma-ray repeaters”
A&A 420, 1025-1032 (2004)
Wed 26-Jan-2005 12:15 Jan Staff
The cannon ball model for gamma ray bursts
A. Dar and A. De Rujula
“Towards a complete theory of Gamma Ray Bursts”
Wed 02-Feb-2005 Ren Plume
Astro-chemistry at University of Calgary: Future Directions
Wed 09-Feb-2005 Dennis Leahy
The mechanism of pulse shapes in X-ray pulsars
D. A. Leahy “Mass-radius constraints from a pulse shape model for Her X-1”
ApJ 613, 517-521 (2004)
Wed 16-Feb-2005 Jean-Pierre De Villiers
GRMHD Simulations of Disk/Jet Systems: Application to Collapsars
De Villiers, Staff, Ouyed astro-ph/0502225
Wed 23-Feb-2005  
Wed 02-Mar-2005  
Wed 09-Mar-2005 David Hobill
Properties of Bianchi-IX cosmological models
Wed 16-Mar-2005 Brian Niebergal
Modelling LSI 61.303 -- how an ambient stellar wind affects the termination shock of a pulsar wind
Wed 23-Mar-2005 Jean-Pierre De Villiers
Using ray tracing to visualize Black Hole accretion
There is a Web page with images and animations
Wed 30-Mar-2005  
Wed 06-Apr-2005 Christy Bredeson
A high resolution look at Galactic depolarization features
Wed 13-Apr-2005 Julie Grant
DRAO deep imaging of Galactic foreground emission
Wed 20-Apr-2005 Alan Hildebrand
Optimizing asteroid exploration by discovering the Earth proximate population before their close approaches using a microsatellite named NEOSSat
Wed 27-Apr-2005 Nicole Kaiser
Searching for Near-Earth Asteroids using the Baker Nunn Telescope


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