Astro seminar

Fall 2005

The astro seminar is a platform for all researchers in Astrophysics, i.e. grad students, PHD students, instructors, postdocs, professors [did I forget anybody?], to present their work or (as in a journal club) a paper they find interesting.



The seminar starts at 12.00.
Time slots are 30 minutes for the talk, plus 15 minutes for questions and discussion.
Please send me the title of your talk, together with a useful reference (if applicable) at least 8 days ahead of your talk, so I can properly announce it.

Date Speaker                                                                 
Thu 15-Sep-2005  
Thu 22-Sep-2005 Eugene Milone
The usefulness of the IRWG passband system
Thu 29-Sep-2005 Jeroen Stil
Ex libris Willem de Sitter
De Sitter's exlibris sticker
Thu 06-Oct-2005 Jean-Pierre De Villiers
Relativistic Alfvén waves
Thu 13-Oct-2005 Nicole Wityk
3-D simulations of magnetized super bubbles
Thu 20-Oct-2005 Christy Bredeson
Thu 27-Oct-2005 David Hobill
Gravitational nano-lensing in compact binary systems
Thu 03-Nov-2005 Jan Staff
Thu 10-Nov-2005  
Thu 17-Nov-2005 Phil Langill
Gravity Probe B? What happened to Gravity Probe A?
Thu 24-Nov-2005 Brian Niebergall
3-Dimensional Simulations of the Reorganization of a Quark Star's Magnetic Field as Induced by the Meissner Effect (An Application to AXPs and SGRs)
Thu 01-Dec-2005 Nicole Kaiser
Matched Filter Processing for Asteroid Detection, and Applications to Kuiper Belt Objects
Thu 08-Dec-2005 Denis Leahy
Pulse shape models for millisecond pulsars
Thu 15-Dec-2005 Jean-Pierre De Villiers
Cooperstock and Tie: General Relativity resolves galactic rotation without exotic dark matter


Meeting room SB 605D

Sign up

To sign up for a talk, contact Wolfgang Dobler at, see him in SB 527, or call him at 220-6367.

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