Computer Information

The CAPCA groups main computer system is Linux cluster which at the moment consists of 64 Intel Pentium 4 CPUs running at 2.4 GHz.

The cluster server is a dual smp machine equipt with a raid-5 SCSI system with 72 GB of space. Furthermore, it has 240 GB storage capacity in the form IDE drives. The internal memory is 2 GB.

In addition, there is a file server with 2.6 TB storage capacity in the form of 16 IDE drives organized in two Raid systems.

Each of the computational nodes are dual smp computers with 1 GB of memory, and no storage.

The cluster is connected with 1 GB network.


The cluster is running Debian GNU/Linux.

The cluster is running Sun Grid Engine for queuing jobs. All jobs should be submitted to the queuing system.

Compilers on the system includes, the Intel C++ compiler (icc), the Intel Fortran 95 compiler (ifc), the GNU C/C++/G77 compilers.

MPI libraries, installed on the cluster includes LAM/MPI-7.0, MPICH-1.2.r65 and MPICH-2 v0.96. All are compiled with both the Intel compilers and the GNU C/C++/G77 compilers.


From 20 July 2005 til mid or end August, Nicole and Jeroen have exclusive access to Nodes 0--15.

The queueing system should automatically take care of this. If you have questions or problems, ask Wolfgang.

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