The cluster consists of one server, called Obelix, and 18 computational nodes all running Gentoo Linux.


Obelix is a dual processor machine, equipped with two P4-Xeon 2.4 GHz cpus and 2 GB of RAM.

At present Obelix is the file server for the cluster until a more permenent solution is implemented. For now Obelix has 2 IDE drives each of 120 GB and 3 SCSI drives each of 36 GB. The SCSI drives are configured as a RAID-5 array totaly giving around 70 GB of storage.

As CPU time is limited on Obelix and as the most of us only have acces to IDL on Obelix, it should only be used for visualization, compilation of source code e.g. Not for running simulations.


The nodes are all diskless dual P4-Xeon 2.4 GHz computers with 1 GB of RAM. The intended use of the cluster is not to log in to a node and then run your software. You must use the queueing system in order to allocate ressources.


The storage is currently quite limited on the cluster as such the partition with home directories are only 10 GB. The reason for such a small /home partition is that it allows for backup (backups will be created every Sunday evening). As such the home directories should only be used to store source code and documents, not datafiles.

Each user will besides their home directory have a directory on either /b or /c, these will not be backed up but there will be much more diskspace. Furthermore, people who need fats disk access are allowed to creat a directory on /export/obelix1. This directory name MUST be your username.