In simulations of (magnetized-)fluid dynamics in physics and astrophysics, the visualization techniques are so frequently applied to analyse data that they have become a fundamental part of the research. Data produced is often a multi-dimensional set with several physical quantities, that are usually complex to manage and analyse. JETGET is a visualization and analysis tool we developed for accessing data stored in Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) and ASCII files. Although JETGET has been optimized to handle data output from jet simulations using the Zeus code from NCSA, it is also capable of analysing other data output from simulations using other codes. JETGET can select variables from the data files, render both two- and three-dimensional graphics and analyse and plot important physical quantities. Graphics can be saved in encapsulated Postscript, JPEG, VRML or saved into an MPEG for later visualization and/or presentations. An example of use of JETGET in analysing a 3-dimensional simulation of jets emanating from accretion disks surrounding a protostar is shown. The strength of JETGET in extracting the physics underlying such phenomena is demonstrated as well as its capabilities in visualizing the 3-dimensional features of the simulated magneto-hydrodynamic jets. The JETGET tool is written in Interactive Data Language (IDL) and uses a graphical user interface to manipulate the data. The tool was developed on a LINUX platform and can be run on any platform that supports IDL.

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