League for the lowering of the entropy
Union of all chaos-hostile and ordnungsliebenden forces
c/o Wolfgang Dobler (Federal leader)
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For a rapid and unconditional reunification!!

Loves friends and friends, Ladies and Gentlemen,

even in these moved days, where a new age begins each Thursday, where, which connects, where the breakup that apart grows together against-naturally and by force joined Soviet does not accompany to costing with the introduction of the harmonious, anybody somewhat and of all desired monetary union -- in this time of the page make-up and the transition of the postmodernism to the postpost-war period thus, we have the obligation, to one in the media did not consider other division to remind -- a division, which is not understood in contrast to the German-German not only by any means in shrinking, but rather even day for day increases!

We go nevertheless little into us: Do we have not sometimes the feeling of the alienation and distance our American president opposite? We really still think of the penguins as what they are: our brothers and sisters in the south? Did we depart away not already many years ago from our relatives, the marsupial mammals, and from them did turn? This all, dear entropy opponent, all of this is close the factory of the criminal, bolschewistischen, Islamic-anti-Christian, with the Drogenmafia, the KGB and Iran co-operating kontinentalverschiebung!

Oh, how much misfortune has it nevertheless over the earth brought: It continued to put in the process of its machinations gigantic distances between us and our brothers and sisters in America, Australia, which Antarctic -- and this distance grows, unconsidered from the world public, each year around several ten thousand micrometers! it drove the penguins -- which ancestors of our businessmen -- in eternal ice and snow, where they can be issued themselves only in thick clothes, in the uncomfortable, but its British style feeling and staying power unmistakable symbolizing frack; they cut the Kaenguruhs and Koalas off, all the marsupial mammals, from the modern state of the art; it left (and leaves still!) Deeply in the asiatic mainland with, completely useless up-piled up thereby and the eye widerwaertigen Himalaja Yetis, Messners and similar praehistorisches Gesocks bores itself and lures India on...

This enumerating, dear entropy opponents, could be continued at will; I want to save it to me and you instead of its refer that all this global Perversionen was connected with irresponsible entropy increases and is always and without exception, therefore must it a primary target of our organization be, to its unconditional cancellation in addition-operate.

We require therefore in detail:

We will fight on a long-term basis


Down with the entropy, down with the chaos!

For a world of the international order!
Turns around the time arrows!

(Goettingen, 1990)
sgd. the chairman of the league for the lowering of the entropy,

                                                                      Wolfgang Dobler


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P.S. Please you consider also our next handbill, that will shortly appear under the title "conclusion with the galaxy escape!".