Some IDL documentation.

IDL Reference Card

This is a terse list of important IDL features formatted like the Emacs reference card (but for A4 paper): PostScript version (100 kB); PDF version (110kB).

Introduction to IDL

Here you find the PDF transparencies (created with LaTeX plus hyperref and pdfscreen) of an introductory talk to IDL which I gave in the informal seminar in Applied Maths at Newcastle University. A printable version is also available.

Be however warned that these slides will probably not be very useful on their own.

You can have a tour de force through the demos by `sourcing' the two files intro.jou and intro2.jou (you need to start a new IDL session for intro2.jou or you will get error messages):

Here is the output of the volume rendering of fff


and there is also a VRML file created from the data (and, just for fun, you can use Vrml2pov to convert the VRML file into a Povray scene description and raytrace it; here is the result).

Some files used in the introduction are available here

The following are used, but never explicitly listed in the slides

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