Bugs will be reported here as they are fixed.
Please report bugs to jstaff@capca.ucalgary.ca

February 24 2004:

2.5-D files had some problems working. That has been fixed now.
Not really a bug, but the default value for nsteps in quantities has been changed from 0 to 10000.

April 28 2004:

There were problems with the check of whether the default structure was used or not when the structure was not the default. This has been fixed.

May 14 2004:

Some debug code had made its way into the code from the last update. This caused windows to pop up rather frequently. It has been fixed.

June 7 2004:

When using Scan/Slice or Mosaic, sometimes some regions of the plot would turn out white, even though white was not part of the chosen palette. This problem has now been fixed.

August 21 2006:

A bug in readascii.pro has been fixed, so that it now works. Line 81 referred to the wrong variables (dim rather than dimsizes).