The animations (160^3 zones) below show:

--> Density: 3D animations showing the jet and disk (spiral+vortices). The slices are across the jet half-way in the x1-x2, x1-x3 and x2-x3 planes.

--> H_alpha maps: with reference velocity V_ref=0.3xV_kepler and DeltaV=0.03V_kepler. That is, the H_alpha maps (see animations) scan over 21 bins ranging from -0.3xV_kepler to 0.3xV_kepler by bins of 0.03V_kepler. The last Frame in the H_alpha animations is a frame combining all bins.

epsilon_s = 0.1 = (10 x epsilon_r)

  • m=2 (beta=0.3,1,1.0)

epsilon_s = epsilon_r = 0.1

  • beta=3 (m=1,m=2)